Thursday, July 6, 2023

Tikiman and the Viking Episode 1 Launched Today!

 Announcing Tikiman and the Viking Podcast.

The Tikiman and the Viking Podcast Episode 1 launched on July 6th.  

Introducing, the Tikiman.  HB Berlow is a long-time friend and collaborator in writing.  He has written the Ark City Confidential Chronicles which can be found here: and has a soon-to-be-released series forthcoming.

In addition to writing, HB is also a cook, baker, and sausage maker.  I've often asked that he write a recipe book.  We've known each other for about 20 years and met when he asked "What are you working on?"That conversation went on for several hours and closed down a writer's convention.  Since we've been in a writing group, hung out at conventions and even read for fans at events.

We hope to discuss writing, the arts, and general creativity in this podcast.  Hopefully inspiring some of you along the way.

Episodes will be launched every two weeks and if you have questions, contact us at

Here we are with our good friend and writing buddy, BD Tharp.

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