Thursday, October 27, 2022

Locations of Elta

 The Dark Cry of Aristid

There are two places of danger in Elta:

The Witches Forest. A place of foreboding where the souls of witches put to the stake dwell. Some nights you can hear them call, glimpses of them watching you between the trees, and voices bidding you to join them. Generations have been warned to stay away, but yet, every year someone disappears.

The Delerium Forest is opposite of the witches forest in Elta. A place of madness and transformation for lost travelers. The Allfather created it as a defense of the White Citadel, but as his magic became twisted, so did the effects of the forest. After the Allfather's seizure, all secured routes through the forest closed. Trapping the inhabitants of Elta.

Then far away from Elta is the White Citadel.  Home of the Allfather and the seat of power for Valrborjn.  As the current Allfather wanes, waiting to pass beyond the veil, a search is prepared to find the new Allfather.

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