Monday, October 31, 2016

The Return

As the last candle in the Jack-O-Lantern stirs and gives up its fiery life, the last spirit feels the veil thicken and close off the warmth of the living, and the last demon laughs and goes home, I return.

It's been to long and with the dust I see on the old desk, it's been too neglected.

I walked away from fiction writing to pursue other ventures.  After I achieved those lofty goals, I still have whispers of stories wandering the dark.

I love to write.  I love being a writer.  It's time to come back home.

It's been a long round-trip journey, and I'm glad to have friends waiting on the street under the safety of the light post.

DA Bale, a fellow writer and one of the most ferocious editors I've worked with, has her red pen ready to bleed on my work.  In addition, we're starting a fairly regular podcast.  So, my disembodied friends, come with.  See if I can do this once again.

Our introductory podcast is posted: Coffee and Catastrophe: Writers on a Caffeine High Episode 1.
If you have questions, comments, or would like to suggest a future podcast topic, email us at