Monday, March 11, 2024

Butt in Chair Time

I have a friend, BD Tharp that gave me a button.
"What's this for?" I asked.
"Butt in Chair," she said.
It's reminded me time and time again, that unless I'm staring at a work in progress, I'm not doing much with it. 
Today, I crunched about 3000 words on my new novel. I had a breakthrough on it and with Spring Break this week, I'm caught up on rest and the brain isn't going 90 to nothing in the wrong direction. 
I need to make it a habit to write more. 
Book 3 needs one more polish and it's ready. Book 4 tells the story of Valdir the Smith from the Aristid saga. I look forward to telling his story.
What I need is more "Butt in Chair" time.

P.S. the document is slop. This is my first draft and not the finished product. But I am writing.

Hmmm. . . The Song of Valdir? Thoughts?

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