Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hell to Pay

A man who thinks he's losing his soul, meets a man who has.

Detective Michael Bailey is a seasoned homicide detective who can't escape the deaths of twin girls that happened on his watch. Over the years, it slashed at his sanity and sobriety, and now he stands at the crossroads of his life. The murder investigation of a young woman sends him over the edge. 

George Graham is an antique store owner who has fallen for the wrong woman. When rejected and berated in public, George runs home to find a strange old man with an antique box wanting to make a deal. George buys the box and inside finds a matted scalp, a relic of untold power. 

Hell to Pay has been rereleased on Amazon today:

The books prequel, The Ballad of Mercy Tyler is available at Smashwords: 

Interested in reviewing either The Ballad of Mercy Tyler, Hell to Pay, or gasp . . . both?  Leave a message, I may surprise you.


  1. Congratulations. I'm very curious by your book. My TBR pile fell over a year ago, so God knows when I'd get a chance to read it - so I hate to make any promises. However, I have added the book to my Goodreads shelf, so I don't lose it.
    Happy Coffin Hopping!