Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Story of Stull

Happy Summer Solstice, go get your goat leggings and lets have a party.  Seriously, the summer solstice brings a gateway into this world from a nefarious dimension.  One of the seven gateways of Hell is located right here in Oz (Kansas to the uninitiated). This is a copy of a post done long ago, reuped for your reading pleasure on this longest day of the year.  If in Stull, beware.

I have seen the gateway to Hell . . .

Legend has written many stories of Stull, Kansas.  A small town in the northeast corner of Kansas, well known for a burned out church that the pope himself refused to fly over.  Rumor was the town, originally called Skull, was one of the seven gateways to Hell.

There was talk about early settlers practicing black magic and a woman who had the devil's child.  This incites the devil to show up on a couple different dates, believed to be Halloween and the Summer Solstice, to visit his ex and child's grave.  Then on Halloween 1988 several hundred showed up to see Old Scratch in person.  This caused issues with law enforcement and the subsequent vandalism made the Stull Cemetery off limits to outsiders.  The local sheriff warns of a possible $1000 fine for those caught trespassing and the possibility of six months in jail.

Then in March of 2002 a storm blew over part of the walls.  A local man pushed over the remaining walls to keep people safe that might venture into the graveyard, but also to put an end to the mythology surrounding the cemetery.

Lore attached to the church from a local paper The Lawrence World Journal included:

  • ·        Reports of abundant paranormal phenomena from residents in the town: raps and banging; voices-often reported to be the voice of an old woman; weird clocks and indoor windstorms; ghostly children playing at night in the cemetery; time shifts and discrepancies, inexplicable loss of memory and disorientation.
  • ·       Stull was the reason The Cure refused to play in Kansas.
  • ·        Before the church was demolished, it was said that bottles thrown at the walls would not break. A permutation held that if the bottle didn't break you were going to hell; if it broke, heaven (some said vice versa).
Would you like to win an E-book copy of "Hell to Pay"?  Tell me about the other Gateways to Hell in the comment section.  Just like how Stull is usually misplaced on maps, you won't find the information on Google . . . 


  1. I had completely forgotten about Skull. Thanks for a blast from the past. LOL

  2. I hadn't ever heard about Stull. Interesting! Would the Oregon Vortex near the Rogue River count? It's weird for sure. I don't know if it's a gateway to hell. After reading through the comments on my blog I'm beginning to worry my parents' house may be though.

  3. Isn't it in another Kansas town called Kechi?

  4. Very interesting! I heard of a pub that had an old well on the basement, supposedly an opening through which demons could get into our plane. One episode of A Haunting was dedicated to it but can't remember the name of the place! =/