Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hookers and Hangers Bloghop: The Hookers

Welcome to the Falling for Fiction "Hookers and Hangers" bloghop.

"Hell to Pay" was released from Hellfire Publishing last year and is available in e-book or paperback.

The hook:
A man who thinks he's losing his soul, meets a man who has.

Hookers (stop stocking up on antibiotics, these are the first lines from chapters):

Chapter 3: A single bolt of lightning struck somewhere near the center of town.

Chapter 4: Bailey moseyed into the office, dry, bandaged, and ready to get his ass chewed.

Chapter 7: Most of the Ashton police force was already assembled when Bailey and John entered the tactical room.

Chapter 8: About 4:00am Bailey fell asleep against a pole near the makeshift morgue.

Chapter 9: A man screamed in George’s dream, and it ended in a gurgle of blood.

Chapter 11:  Detective Bailey circled the Market Square almost twenty times that day, running between the antique store and the fire scene.

Chapter 12: George never opened the antique store the day Neeley died.

Chapter 18: The white flag flailed in the wind and burned into Detective Bailey’s uncontrolled rage.

Chapter 19: The heavens raged in a violent thunderstorm as Lars stumbled through the wet empty streets of Ashton screaming for his departed friend.

Chapter 23: George dreamed about angels coming in the night.

Chapter 24: The dwarf did the trick, Bailey felt more comfortable around Mills since the shared laugh.

Chapter 26: George’s vivid nightmares left him detached most of the day.

Just a taste of the book, there are 61 chapters.  If you like what you read, check out "Hell to Pay".  Leave some comments below and after the bloghop, I'll draw a winner for a free e-book.

Now hop my minions!!!

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  1. With a makeshift morgue, gurgle of blood, rage, a nightmare, and an antique store, your tone is definitely dark (that's a compliment). Thanks for posting!

  2. Excellent hookers! Wow! I think chapter 4's is my favorite :)

  3. The premise of the book saw intriguing and those are some great hookers!! And I agree with Hope, my fav is #4.

  4. LOVE the voice in this. Sounds like a great read!

  5. the chapter 4 one is hilarious :)

  6. Love the opening hook. But really, they are all very gritty and attention catching, I'd love to read more!

  7. 61 chapters??? *falls out of computer chair* Wow! If they are all like this though, I don't think I'd be able to put it down :)

  8. Winner winner, Chicken Dinner to 1000th Monkey. Next drawing tomorrow.

  9. These are all great! Love the voice in your story. My faves are #4, #8, #9 and #23. But I could have added more numbers 'cause there are more great ones too!