Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hookers and Hangers Bloghop: The Hangers

I enjoyed the exercise presented  by Falling for Fiction on their "Hookers and Header" bloghop.  This is the second hop I've completed with them and appreciate them allowing a horror writer around.  Novelists should look at their chapter beginning/ending and separate their first and last lines to see what's pushing the audience to  go deeper.

I had good comments yesterday, so today, comment again and I'll do a second drawing for an e-book.  Thank you all for the experience and follow my mundane adventures here at Father Thunder and at

Now for the hangers:

This isn't the last line but is in the final chapter:

Chapter 61:  After nearly drowning in the supernatural, the mind needs time to process and reprocess events and make up several lies to believe in.

Chapter 1: The big black dog, his hellhound, materialized from the shadows between the houses, and followed him right down the street.

Chapter 8: Within thirty minutes he had showered, climbed into bed, and dreamed of burning men and a howl that woke him up an hour before the alarm went off.

That's it for the contest, here are some more.

Chapter 2: Then something reached deep into George’s soul and strangled it.

Chapter 3: Bailey knew the omen, and recognized the rest of the day was going to suck.

Chapter 4: George stood his ground for a moment, then fainted away, letting something take over that had wanted out all day to play.  

Chapter 7: “God, help us all.”

Chapter 9: Long blinded eyes looked lost as he gave up the ghost.

Chapter 10: Nonetheless, it sent a chill down George’s spine and the feeling that this would not be the last death to visit him.

Chapter 12: A few days until the master of the world walked among the humans once again, and his servants were awaiting him.

Chapter 15: He knew his father was dead by the bloat and mottled appearance, but the groan sunk itself deep into George’s mind as a warning of his father’s return.

Chapter 17: With bourbon, he’d be ready for anything.

Chapter 19: A beacon of hellish red light erupted from downtown and provided the trail.

Chapter 24: Bailey recovered from the light, sound, and pressure to find the rain stopped, the sky clear, and his car very dead.

Chapter 26: It looked black in the moonlight as he raised it to the sky, muttered something as old as man, and took a taste of human heart.

Interested?  Check out "Hell to Pay" from Hellfire Publishing.  It is available in e-book and paperback.  Also please leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing, and join me on my quest by becoming a minion on Father Thunder.  This is only the beginning my flock, glories wait ahead.  I will announce winners soon.


  1. I actually like #19 and #26 better than the ones you chose at the top! Very nice, I'll have to check out the book!

  2. I absolutely love the alliteration in Chapter 9. It makes me curious if you use language like that throughout the novel . . .

    Although your line in Chapter 1 didn't work for me because of one simple word. ". . . right down the street." The "right" seems out of place and unnecessary. I would have left it out myself.

    Overall, it seems you've painted quite an imagery-rich story and probably far more horrifying than the "horror" novels I've critiqued lately.

  3. Wonderful hangers! #2 is my favorite :)

  4. Darin, I blame the Midwestern in me.

  5. This sounds like one creepy, intense story. I also appreciate the flashes of humour, as in #3 and #24. All of them make me want to read on.

  6. I like the big black dog hanger.

  7. Chapter 7 ends with such a great plea for help. I would read more to find out if the help came...

  8. Congrats to Ink in the Book and Nick Wilford, you have won copies of Hell to Pay. Ink in the Book, please contact me at father_thunder(at)cox(dot)net, I can't find your e-mail.

  9. Wow. Your writing is really cool. This story sounds very dark, but in a good way. Nice work!

  10. Gah, chapter 2 sounds creepy!! Great job!!

  11. This line is amazing:

    After nearly drowning in the supernatural, the mind needs time to process and reprocess events and make up several lies to believe in.