Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emotion: One of the Possible Ends

Something I thought about for years was how Bailey repaid a certain debt and a void caused by the happenings in "Hell to Pay"  Special thanks to Angie, Cassie, and Sara for this wonderful blogfest.  It's been a blast writing.  See below for my last entry.

Now in the final moments, the siren's wail drove a certain ex-detective to a lone road . . .

Thunder cracked overhead and Bailey stomach clinched.  In front of him was what the old man called destiny.  The power poles shook and sparks flew like tracer rounds right into the monster.  He wanted to throw up, thinking about his mortal ties in this world, and what he could lose.  Years ago, he would’ve smoked the tires into it, but now there was Isabella.   Like his grandfather always said, “everything goes back to a woman.”  He steadied himself, this was bigger than one man's damned hopes and crushed dreams.
He put the car into drive.  Then his hands clenched the steering wheel as the crosswind bowed in his driver side window.   The wind’s scream deafened anything inside the car after the window exploded, including Bailey’s expletive filled response.   Partially blinded by debris, he could make out the approaching wedge, small telescoping fingers probed the ground under its dark skirt.
“We all need lies to believe in.”  The old man’s words.  . . hopefully his promise of attaining godhood wasn’t a lie.  There was a void left from what was lost in Ashton, Kansas and for the sake of mankind, it had to be filled. 
The car’s left side rose.  There was a moment of bliss in the tempest-like take off.   For a moment pain, noise, and light took over the world, then peace.  Like the first time he saw the old man riding at him on the nightmarish horse to take his soul.  Bailey knew this was the end.  The ultimate question, was there anything after it.
Funny how they always said it sounded like a freight train.   



  1. Oh goodness. I wanna keep reading, you have me so intrigued here. Totally pulled me in! Great job!

  2. Oh wow! This was very cool, and an interesting take on armageddon!

  3. "Everything goes back to a woman"--that is a great line, and as a woman I completely agree :) This was full of determination. Fantastic job!

  4. Oh wow! Powerful and deep! And I agree with Angie. Like that line about "a woman." Also like the big question... "is there anything after?" Yeah - that gets a person thinking. Great job!

    New follower! :D