Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dialogue Introduction: Bailey meets his match

“Sometimes the mind needs time to heal,” Bailey said as he rested his head on the state issued pillow.  He muttered it to himself for sleep most nights, almost like an incantation to keep the nightmares at bay.

“Sometimes our addled heads need lies to believe in.”  The voice on the upper bunk replied.

Bailey sat up.  When he came back into the cell it was empty.  A light depression showed on the bunk above.

“Hey, you,” it said.

Bailey stood and stared at the old man.  Long ratty hair and a big grey biker’s beard framed a radiant blue eye that took everything in.  His head turned to reveal an eye patch and Bailey felt very cold.

“Figured I was in this long haul by myself,” Bailey said.

“Do you think any of us are ever truly alone?”


“You were saying, sometimes the mind needs time to heal . . . find a lie to believe in boy.”

“I found out my reality was a lie.”

“Welcome to the world of grown-ups.  Our castles are made of tissue paper.  Just like our tortured psyches.”

Bailey felt that last syllable from the old man slither around the room.  “I've seen you before.”

“For some people, I’m the last thing they see.  You got lucky, someone else stole my attention.”  The old man nodded once and Bailey sat back down.  He gripped the side of his thin rubber mattress took a deep breath, and let a tiny laugh escape.

“So is there some debt still between us?”

Bailey listened to the metronome-like beat of his heart and counted to 50.  He stood waiting to find a shank or a gun in the old man’s hand, but found a bare mattress with a slight indention.


  1. I'm a sucker for philosophy and mysteries and you have both going on here! I LOVE it. Fantastic job!!!

  2. Chilling! I really want to know what was going on between these two!

  3. Very philosophical discussion!

  4. Oh I love this! Esp. the castles made of tissue paper. Great job! :)

  5. How different - I really liked this.

  6. This is very clever and mysterous. I love it. I was hanging on to every word. This exchange is from a story I would want to read.

    New minion here, from the bloghop.