Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When I Realized the Mayans Were Wrong

From a writer's prompt from a Diamond in the Dark blog: http://www.akmarshall.com/.

He blinked and looked around. “What the hell is up with the birds?” he wondered.

The sidewalk was littered with hundreds of bird carcasses as their breathern wheeled and squawked above.  Some terrified birds flapped as the others bombed them.  The others, the ruffled and damaged looking birds refused to pull up, and plummeted into cement. 

Travis Johansson sought the cover of a gas station’s metal awning as the hail of bird debris rained down.  The bird screams, like a caw of a crow, drooled on.  Some birds escaped, flying in different directions away from the deadly flock.  Others after being attacked, would lose coordination, attack the others, and fall.

Travis stared at the sky, peeking out to fall back when one fell to close.  It wasn’t until he felt something peaking at his shoe, that he had the realization.

This zombie apocalypse didn’t start with people.

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