Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interview Room 3 - Detective Bailey's Interrogations Re: Samantha Bartlett and Attempt on President


MB:        This is Michael Bailey in Interrogation #3 .  .  . Today we are interviewing Dr. Samantha Bartlett from D.A. Bale’s “Running into the Darkness”.  So Doc . . .   Wait a minute are you a real doc or like a chiropractor or one of those TV show quacks?

SB:          I could ask the same of you – are you a real “investigator” or just some crack-pot wanna be?  If you are, then you should know the answer to your own asinine question, Detective.

MB:       Well since you are the one cuffed to the table and I’ve got the badge, doc.  I’ll ask the questions.

SB:          Yeah, un-cuff me and we’ll see who asks who the questions around here.  I have many areas of expertise.  Look, there’s only two reasons a man cuffs a woman:  his need to feel all powerful and in control or he wants to satisfy some sick sexual fantasy.  Which of these are you, Bailey? 

MB:        Option three, there was an attempt on the President’s life and we brought you in for questioning.  If it would make you feel more at home, I can have Officer Vasquez wear a leather mask or let those secret service types my officers are stalling come in and have a crack at you.  Ok here we go.  It says in my notes you started out as an ER resident had an argument with the attending, then a couple days later, your house blew up.  Where were you when the house blew up and why did you fake your own death?

SB:          First of all, Dr. Gibbon had no right discussing a private conversation with you that has nothing to do with your case.  The way he’d tell it anyway, you’d expect the man were a god or something – far from it, let me tell you.

MB:        It was a missing persons report, he gladly spoke you up.  Also, I’ve seen gods . . .um, nevermind.

SB:          Second, where in the world do you come up with your timeline?  A couple of days?  Give me a break!  You should be investigating the SOB who killed my…forget it.

MB:        Wow, another murder.  Now serving number 6.  Number 6 . . . anyone?

SB:          Bite me, and thirdly, just where in the world do you get your information?  Fake my own death – I did nothing of the kind.

MB:        Your house exploded and you didn’t show up . . . so, I get it. 

SB:          Sounds to me like you don’t have anything left to go on and are up to your armpits in assumptions.  You know what they say about people who assume, Bailey. 

MB:        Yep, were both assholes.  No argument here.  Where are you living now?

SB:          Really?  You’re going to ask me such a question now?  What are you smoking and whose payroll are you on?

MB:        It’s called an interrogation for a reason and the States.

SB:          Well then, why don’t you tell me where you’re living now so I can pay you a visit when I get out of this hell-hole?   

MB:        Nah, already got a gal.  Where are you from?

SB:          I’d still like to claim Washington State, if you don’t mind.  Those years are the only happy memories I have.

MB:        I show your parents are deceased and you were born in Kansas.  Care to tell me what happened?

SB:          Gee, you know how to drive a knife home, don’t you?  If you want to know, I’m sure the FAA filed the reports.  You really aren’t much of an investigator, are you? 

MB:        Already looked at the FAA report.  Alex, I’ll take things that go BOOM for $1000.

SB:          Ass-hole. 

MB:        See you agree with my earlier assumption.  What do you do for a living?

SB:          That’s complicated.  Let’s just continue to say I’m a surgeon by profession. 

MB:        Are you preforming plastic surgery in the back of a van?

SB:          Only if you’re my next patient.

MB:        Ha, who else is in your life currently?

SB:          Counting you?  No one important. 

MB:        Ouch.

SB:          Watch out then, because everyone who gets close to me meets a cruel fate. 

MB:        Done and done . . . Is there something strange going on with the President?

SB:         You can ask him if you like. 

MB:        They disconnected my red phone a couple years ago. 

SB:          That’s because yours was connected to Hell. 

MB:        Heh, actually ---  

SB:          If the questions continue down this path, I’ll be glad to send you to him and introduce you. 

MB:        Why red hair and the other . . .  ahem adjustments?   Note to self: keep looking at suspects eyes.

SB:          It goes with my eyes.  Anymore stupid questions?

MB:        Nope just a stupid assumption.  Kid, you and I have something in common.  Our lives get turned upside down and we are the only ones left to clean up after it.  How do you deal with it? 

SB:          So now you’re a shrink?  Listen, Bailey, after what I’ve seen and been through, conflict and change would be like tip-toeing through the tulips.  How’s it working for you?

MB:        Most days I’m the kid following the parade elephant with a bucket.  Is there anything specific you want to tell your readers?

SB:          Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes it sucks and you’d just rather give up and die.  But not me.  I’m going to find out everything and make every single one of these bastards pay for what they’ve done to me and everyone I’ve ever cared about.  Now all I need to do is figure out how many have spun this web around me – and why.  Once they’re dead, I can finally rest in peace.  Hey, when they’re in pieces I can be at peace – get it?

MB:        What inspired you to do all this?

SB:          Vengeance – the greatest motivator ever known to man…and woman.

MB:        Are you going to be following up “Running into the Darkness”?

SB:          You can bet your bottle of whiskey on it. 

MB:        Sorry.  Been dry for three weeks.   

SB:          So you say.  See I’ve done a little investigating of my own.  If I find you’re involved with this group in any way… 

MB:        Well, Doc.  Looks like the Secret Service is here.  Probably shouldn’t have asked all the questions I did but like I said . . .  you had the right to remain silent.

SB:          Darling Miranda was never quoted in my presence, Detective.  My lawyer will have a field day with that one.

MB:        Meh, you know the drill.

Funny thing about the video cameras in interview 3 went out right before the secret service went in.  Never could trust those cameras.  Unfortunately, she made it out and left three men on the floor.  D.A. Bale’s “Running into the Darkness” is available through Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/7n6murl and also available at Smashwords.com for other e-reader formats  http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dabale.  

You can visit D.A. Bale and Doctor Samantha Bartlett at http://dabalepublishing.blogspot.com/.


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