Monday, October 28, 2013

The Halloween Tree

Greetings and Salutations.  If you are visiting for the Coffin Hop, welcome to my strange area of the internet. I originally published this in Halloween 2011.  I've added some photos down below.

Growing up, I remember Ray Bradbury's "The Halloween Tree".  I wanted one.
I took an old Christmas tree (Thank you Nichole of and seven cans of spray paint.

Now, fair readers, if you ever have the joy of painting something in 3D, don't.  It was a pain.  I inhaled more spray paint in the last few days than a huffer on holiday.

Needless to say, when you are dealing with something with various angles and that sticks out in every direction, it can be difficult.

 Luckily, I like a challenge and have the determination of a pit bull.

Every fifth branch was painted red.  I was originally going to do purple, but the store didn't have a good selection of purple spray paint (Sorry, K State).

I was also cautious about how much paint was applied.

 Red.  Oh watch that the stupid arrow on top of the can.  Because, that's the way it sprays, stupid.

Red also was very tacky after application, and if I do this again for some insane reason, will hang the branches instead of laying them down.

Early assembly, not half bad but don't look too close.

 This is after several touch up coats and my wife saying, "Put that thing outside, it smells."

Good thing I didn't use a Cat Skull as a topper.

Then we ran to Target, ignored the Christmas section (which seems to grow larger every day), and found Halloween Garland, spiders with LED butts, glow in the dark bats and skeletons, and one freaking huge vampire skull for a topper (yes, it's fake).

I used LED lights for the tree for a couple reasons.
1.  not much heat produced.
2.  not sure how inflammable said Halloween tree is with several cans of spray paint added to it.  I have a feeling something was voided in the process.

Then Wah-la.  The Halloween Tree was born.

Now celebrating it's third year.


  1. Hello fellow Coffin Hopper! Awesome tree, amazing how much effort some people put into celebrating Halloween (this coming from someone who doesn't).


    Join me in the Trick or Treat Spooktacular! Could you help make the Grand Prize a brand new Kindle Touch?

  2. I guess it didn't take earlier today. Anyways! I saw a vivid purple tree someone painted at Christmas time, really pretty. Very interesting. I hope your tree doesn't catch fire, even with LED lights! That's a cool idea tho'. I might do one next year with bare branches. A Halloween tree right out of a scary movie! :-) Cheers!
    /Rebecca #42 on the Coffinhop

  3. That is absolutely nuts. Good work!

  4. WHAT!? I want one! That thing is freakin' awesome. (And yes, I *do* have a real skull to top mine when I make it). >:-)

  5. awesome tree -- can you send me one...that is way too cool

  6. Love this. I bought a black Xmas tree for the holidays and we put in red lights. Our tree is now all red and black. I am adding a wreath to the door this year. And I just bought a bunch of creepiness in the Halloween section at the craft store for a creepy cornucopia for Thanksgiving. I love Halloween all year!

    Coffin hopping tonight...

    Fellow dark fiction writer here.


  7. This gets filed under strange Coffin Hop behavior. Love the creativity!

  8. Love it! We used a small black tree one year. We hung stark white and neon colored skulls and birds and bones on it. Then we spotlighted a black light from underneath. The black lights get hot, but it wasn't touching anything else. It turned out to be a spooky looking glowing Halloween tree.
    Found this through Coffin Hop. Great site!