Sunday, October 27, 2013

12 things you wish you didn't know about me

Welcome Coffin Hoppers.  As I bring this musty list back to life and think about 2013.  There have been changes, some positive, some not so much.  Odd that this is becoming my annual . . .

There is a favorite quote of mine from Richard Bach, "Remember where you came from, where you're going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place."  I like to revisit this blog post from time to time to introduce myself to new people.  If something here interests you, check out the blog.  I might have talked about it more.

  1. I am an ordained minister . . . the internet can be an evil thing, and I have performed eight marriages and no funerals.
  2. I’ve seen the gateway to Hell (Stull, KS) and been to Hell (somewhere off Grand Cayman Islands)
  3. I’ve been alone with a serial killer in my house . . . seriously
  4. I’m not really afraid of much (not after #3).
  5. I love bad corny jokes and used to tell them for hours.
  6. I went to school midlife for something I absolutely love, graduated, and now can’t find a job in it. now I have a great job in it.
  7.  I have about 6 ½ hours of tattoos on my back from two sessions.  1st 1.5 hours, 2nd 5 hours.
  8.  I’ll drop just about anything I’m doing to go watch a storm.  I think it’s a passion and a sickness.  I've been published by the National Weather Service, NASA, Discovery News, and Yahoo UK.
  9. On the same month I had my book was originally published, I found a gallery that wanted to show my photography, the show went on for two months.
  10. I worked in the Ethanol fuel industry and miss it horribly.  I miss being a chemist and playing in the lab.
  11. Two things in my book happened to me in real life.
  12. There is a pun that travels through the book that has to be explained to most people.
Hell to Pay is back in E-book form.  Coming soon in paperback.

Read the prequel for free on Smashwords:
 The life of a biker gang leader is brief with moments of horror, death, and struggle. Why should Mercy Tyler's be any different?


  1. Very intriguing post. Makes me want to find out what two things in your book are real. And a serial killer? That must be a scary story! Great post!
    W.S. Gager
    From Blog Class

  2. I lived next door to a serial killer. He was actually a nice guy as far as neighbors go :)

    Five hours of tattoos - I'm impressed. An hour is about as long as I could stand it!


  3. Thanks Crunchy Chicken, after visiting your website I realize I'm full of more chemicals.

  4. #1 got me to thinking -- I'll email you.

    #3 -- I remember you telling that. I've told others, and the common response is, "You're kidding me, right?"

  5. I love # *. I do the same thing. Ah I love a good storm. Congratz on #9. That is really good you found success in both your art forms. As for #3, I am dying (not literally obviously) to know the details.

  6. A serial killer in your house!!! What!?! I totally want to hear more about this! Happy Halloween, William and so nice to get to know you during the Coffin Hop!


  7. Great to meet you during this Coffin Hop! I've got about 10 hours total tattoos on me, none so far on my back. Have a Happy Halloween!

  8. Fellow author hopping for the hop here. I want to know more about #3 on this list. Intriguing ...

    Last day to win a signed copy of Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction from Comet Press, featuring my short story. I am also doing a contest celebrating 100 followers before the end of my first blog year. And I have another contest starting tomorrow.


  9. Yeah, just like Julie and Nora, I'd like more detail about the serial killer in your house. Assuming you're comfortable doing so, and there's no trial pending or anything. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fun post. Hope the other Coffin Hop authors do this too.