Friday, February 18, 2011

The Fall of the Empire

Tradition and some historical accounts contend that Roman Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
Photograph by Bettman/Corbis

I want to stay out of politics.  I hate politics.  On the other side of it, I quit a good paying job to finish school to become a teacher.  Now, I can feel that dream going south by the hands of some newly elected officials.

I read a paper about the fall of Skywalker, and there was a quote from Plato:
Plato: Totalitarian or Democrat? describes Plato's distress at the inability of those he backed during the aristocratic revolution to fix the problems of the democratic regime: "Up till now he had assumed that everything could be put right only if the gentlemen gained control.  Now he realized that 'gentlemen' could behave worse than the demagogues of the proletariat."7  Plato himself, in letters written long after the fact laments, "I thought the new regime would substitute the reign of justice for the reign of injustice…And I saw these gentlemen within a very short time make the democracy they had destroyed seem like a golden age!"

Public servants typically don't make much money, there pension is a joke.  Teacher's don't make money, in the private sector, they could easily double or triple their income, but they do something they love.  Stop the government from making a failed education system that much worse by cutting teacher's pay, wiping out pension, and cramming as many students as they can into one teachers classroom.  This isn't the way to work out of an economic depression, this is the way you make the empire fall.

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