Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twas a bright and snowy day

I've taken getting published off the bucket list, but the pending question is "now what".  I'm currently unemployed and running a daddy day care.  So between running Pre-K assignments for my daughter, watching reruns of Dora, and trying to write horror (not as easy as it sounds, but every rainbow is caused by a storm), I'm trying to get some new novels going.

To write and be a good writer, you need to develop it as a habit.  Like smoking, drinking, and all other bad habits, you link it to something.  For me, I write best in the early morning and late at night, and I try to do it every day.

I also try to read everything I get my hands on.  I've gone to more young adult novels, just finishing "Golden Compass" and starting "True Grit".  Next one in the que is Percy Jackson.  I've always wanted to bring mythology into common story telling and it looks like Rick Riordan beat me to the common day punch.

Also the Steampunk movement is interesting.  I've got a group of books on their way to start reading.

Like this blog needs, I need to focus.  Too many stories wanting out at the same time.  Might make the characterization interesting and bring new ideas to plot.

"Ruminations of Thunder" is forthcoming from Hellfire Publishing, so it's time to market as well.

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