Sunday, October 28, 2012

Theorosa's Baby

Time changes lore.  It could have been a pioneer woman running from Indians.  It could have been a young girl and an unintended pregnancy, or a witch loathed by the community that gave birth. . . all three tell of a woman throwing her baby into a creek.  To this day, if you stand on the bridge and proclaim "THEOROSA. . . I HAVE YOUR BABY!"  She will reach from the dark swirling waters below and take you.

But we've been in a drought, rumor is, it's not the right bridge, and it's a huge fouled party spot.

Although, in one picture a red orb appears. . . It's not on pictures of the same place and note there is a green branch over it.

The "real" bridge burned down in 1974 and had been rebuilt twice, but kept meeting the same fate.  This bridge was built in 1991 and is at 109th and Meridian near Valley Center.
But as for ghosts, it remains a lone stretch of land driven over by cars daily.  Reports over time state that cars have not started or suffered damage while being parked here.

For now local rumor remains, and even though the creek remains a trickle, something could be waiting below the mud.


  1. An Urban Legend to be penned from this one... :)

  2. I have never seen a RED orb before!
    For some reason that is creepy to me--
    like it is more substantial than the floaty white ones.
    Happy hopping!

  3. Great pictures! The red orb is creepy!