Saturday, May 28, 2011

my so-called apocolyptical life

This spring we've had madmen whispering of the Apocalypse, storms carving death and destruction all across the United States, and an economy breaking the backs of Americans.  This is the setting of "Hell to Pay" coming August 15, 2011 from 

In Ashton, Kansas the economy left years ago with the closing of the main factory in town.  Now, the homeless whisper of a coming darkness and the end of the world, streetside preachers talk of devils walking among them, and the only way they see to combat this threat is purification by fire.

Can a corrupt police department handle the new threat of these harbingers of the Apocalypse?  Will a battle between ancient storm gods destroy Ashton?  Will salvation come from a lapsed alcoholic detective?  There will be . . . Hell to Pay.

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