Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aliens Abound!

We've done this song and dance before . . . but personally, I believe life is out there.  I'm not talking humanoids on a different higher evolutionary cycle.  I'm thinking simple organisms - bacteria, viruses, plants are out there.  They may even be in our solar system.  Maybe the life on this planet may have been influenced by it.  For simple life to develop you need four elements: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon.  These can form building blocks for simple proteins (amino acids) and carbohydrates (sugar).  The interesting thing, we already know this exists in space.  We are also beginning to find planets out there that "may" support life.

They may debunk this in the next few months or years.  Hell, we sent Strep to Mars by accident.  For now, just look up and wonder.

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